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Minuteman Cast Iron Round Trivet TWI-03

We don't blame you for wanting your stovetop to look clean and sharp! This attractive trivet, with its beautiful matte black enamel, is the perfect decorative piece for your kitchen or woodstove. The intricate basket-weave pattern looks classic and lovely, but still allows for easy washing after spills. But you'll be amazed at the practical help this item will provide for your stove's surface-protecting it from your piping hot pots, pans, and kettles. It is sturdy-solid cast iron. The only reason you'll have to buy another is for additional countertop, table, or picnic use! Size: 6.5 inches round. (NE)

  • Product Dimensions: 6 1/2" diameter.
  • Lattice styling
  • Heavy cast iron
  • Decorative black enamel

Price: $39.99
Minuteman Cast Iron 7" Trivet-Black C-33

  • Porcelain enamel
  • Trivets under hot pans or dishes, under potted plants, and to protect wood stoves from scratches
  • Pair with our steamers and kettles

  • Blue/Black
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Red

Price: $41.99
Minuteman Wrought Iron Trivet- Clover TWI-01

Since a woodstove often occupies a central place in the home, it is important to keep its surface clean and looking nice. Unfortunately, regular use of a kettle or steamer on the stovetop can result in ugly rust stains that detract from its polished appearance. Minuteman trivets are designed to protect your stovetop while still allowing you to make full use of its heating capabilities. This particular trivet has an attractive clover design to make it a decorative piece all on its own. It is built from solid wrought iron that will enable it to last for many years. (NE)

  • Product Dimensions: 7" x 10"
  • Painted black
  • Can support a candle
  • Solid wrought iron

Price: $43.99
Minuteman Wrought Iron Trivet- Scroll TWI-02

Fabric "hotpads" will not stand the heat of your wood stove for long. What you need is our Minuteman scroll trivet-made from solid wrought iron and covered with a gorgeous black powder finish. And in addition, this trivet will coordinate with the classic black design of the traditional stove. Set anything on it-roasting pan, fire tools, kettle, or skillet-and it'll block the heat from your stovetop and keep the finish from potential ruin. Measuring 8.5 inches by 11.5 inches, a solid center button design is surrounded by four ornate scrolls. (NE)

  • Product Dimensions: 8 1/2" x 11 1/2"
  • Black finish
  • Perfect stovetop protection
  • Ornate oval scroll
  • Wrought iron material

Price: $43.99
Minuteman Cast Iron Oval Trivet TWI-04

Complementing our round-styled Minuteman lattice trivet is this oval-shaped piece in similar style. Buy both for a set of traditional, decorative stovetop shields. Don't underestimate the power of heat on your stove surface. Over time, the finish can discolor from metals and heat. Let this trivet take care of the problem and give you the perfect resting place for any warm dish, cookware, or kettle. It's not flimsy. It's not going to wear out. This sturdy piece will last at least as long as your stove! A classic look...Perfect for any decor! Measures approximately 5.75 inches by 9.5 inches. (NE)

  • Product Dimensions: 5 3/4"W x 9 1/4"L
  • Made from sturdy cast iron
  • Basket-weave design
  • Oval-shaped with four "feet"
  • Black matte enamel

Price: $45.99
Pumpkin Steamer, T-12

Join the spirit of the season by outfitting your wood stove for fall. Whether you use a steamer on your stove year round or not, the approach of colder weather is a perfect time to fill up this cast iron and ceramic pot with water and place it on the stovetop. As it benefits the air quality in your home, you will also enjoy a great decoration that is handcrafted with care. The bright pumpkin design spruces up even the plainest-looking stove, and will continue to look great all season long thanks to its excellent materials and workmanship. Holds over two quarts of water. (NE)

Price: $79.99
Minuteman Cast Iron Kettle 2.5 Qt. T-17

For traditional thinkers, no wood stove is really complete unless there is a black kettle sitting on its top. A cheap substitute is unacceptable; only a real cast iron one will do. The experts at Minuteman offer this kettle as the real deal, painted in a black finish that will last long term. Whether you choose to give this item as a gift or add it to your home, you're sure to be satisfied with the results. Compact yet capable of holding 2.5 quarts of liquid, this kettle is also easy to lift and carry. Adds humidity to the air at virtually no cost. (NE)

  • Product Dimensions: 9.25" L x 6" W x 7.5" H
  • Inexpensive humidifier
  • Black painted cast iron
  • Reliable Minuteman quality
  • 2.5 quart capacity
  • Matte Black

Price: $97.99
Minuteman Lattice Top Steamers 2.2 Quarts- Black T-50

A steamer for your wood stove does not need to be a purely functional tool, as this model from Minuteman proves. The artistically designed lattice pattern on the cover of this steamer is painted black for a traditional look, with a porcelain enamel finish that will last. The pot itself is made of heavy duty cast iron and holds over 2 quarts of water. Trust Minuteman to provide a reliable and sturdy steamer that adds character to the room as well. Your family, friends, and guests are sure to comment on this quiet yet elegant addition to your stove's top. (NE)



Price: $97.99
Minuteman Cast Iron Humidifying Kettles 2.5 Qt. Black T-16

Make your guests and family feel as if they are living in pioneer days by adding this humidifying kettle to your stove corner. The large, cast iron kettle is far more than a traditional-looking decoration, although the blue/black finish is a valuable stylistic addition to your home. By adding moisture to the air, you will reduce skin cracking, throat scratchiness, and other health issues related to low humidity. Built to last with Minuteman quality, this kettle holds 2 1/2 quarts of water and features a handle that is easy to grip. Any stove owner would love to receive this item as the ideal accessory for their home. (NE)



Price: $113.99
Minuteman Cast Iron Kettle 5 QT. T-18

A larger stove requires a larger kettle, and this oversized model fits the need. While most kettles of its kind hold only 2.5 quarts, this version holds 5 quarts for longer, more effective humidifying, even though your stove heating may remove moisture from the air. The cast iron kettle is painted with a durable black finish for a classic look and features a coiled metal handle for convenient carrying. If your friends or family own wood stoves, you've arrived at the perfect gift idea. Decorative year-round and indispensable during the colder months, this kettle is perfectly at home on any wood stovetop. (NE)

  • Product Dimensions: 10.75" L x 7" W x 9" H
  • Extra large size
  • Iron construction
  • Long lasting black paint
  • Longer humidifying power
  • 5 Quart Capacity
  • Matte Black

Price: $113.99