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  Anderol 465 Synthetic Bearing Oil for Fasco motors and others. PP5400
Anderol 465 Synthetic Bearing Oil PP5400

Price: $17.99

Product Code: PP5400


Anderol 465 Synthetic Bearing Oil: PP5400

We sell the Anderol synthetic bearing oil for Fasco pellet stove blower motors that require oil lubrication. This pellet stove bearing oil is rated for higher temperatures and will keep your bearings from prematurely wearing out due to heat and friction. Unlike petroleum based oils, Anderol synthetic oil will not cause premature bearing failure and is a requirement for maintaining all Fasco motors that have oil ports. The Anderol synthetic oil can be safely used on gas, pellet and wood burning blower motors. Regular use of Anderol bearing oil will extend the life of your blower motor saving you both time and money.

Buy Anderol 465 synthetic bearing oil for your stove to keep your blower motor running smoothly and in top working condition. We offer the lowest prices and free shipping on all orders over $49. So, buy now and save.

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